LPW Working with Laser Institute of America for Workshop on AM opportunities


LAM Workshop 2017

Our US operation will Co-Chair the Laser Institute of America’s influential Laser Additive Manufacturing Workshop (LAM®) on February 21-22, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

John Hunter, the General Manager of LPW Technology, Inc., and Minlin Zhong of Tsinghua University, will Co-Chair the workshops under General Chair Milan Brandt of RMIT University.  LAM 2017 will provide an opportunity for national and international practitioners to discuss and explore the many benefits AM technology offers compared to traditional subtractive methods.

“LAM will share learning from the successful real world industrial applications of leading edge additive processes, and we can harness LPW’s experience and expertise in the AM industry to facilitate truly relevant and informative workshops,” says John.  “This is an excellent networking and educational opportunity for those interested in capitalising on AM laser technology.”

For more information on the Laser Institute of America’s LAM® Workshops please visit https://www.lia.org/conferences/lam

The growth of metal 3D printing

There’s a thought provoking article published in ‘inside:technology’, TTP’s,The Technology Partnership’s, Journal of Technologies and Business Innovation with Dr Phil Carroll, LPW founder and CEO, discussing the developments and requirements of Additive Manufacturing now and post-brexit.  To read in full click Inside:Technology – LPW’s Phil Carroll

LPW’s US operation achieves AS 9120A

We recognise the importance of quality assurance standards to our customers.  LPW Technology, Inc., our US operation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been awarded AS 9120A & ISO 9001:2008, reflecting its parent company’s achievements.

“LPW’s ethos is to provide evidence-based quality assurance for its customers across the globe,” comments John D. Hunter, General Manager of LPW Technology, Inc.  “The award of the USA quality standards complements our UK achievements, where we’ve already attained ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, AS 9100C and AS 9120A.”

LPW Technology, Inc. was established in 2014 to meet strong demand for LPW’s metal powders and industry knowledge from the North and South American AM market.  A dedicated team provides comprehensive analytical services, product inventory, applications and sales support to the area.

“AS 9120A was developed for pass-through distributors of aerospace items and has been extended to include defence and space industries too,” adds John.  “Achieving AS 9120A for the procurement and supply of specialist powders for LASER and Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing processes assures our customers of product quality, traceability and the control and availability of records, reducing risk and elevating LPW Technology Inc’s quality management system to the aerospace industry’s global standard (IAQG).”

PowderTrace: Quality assurance in metal powder transportation

It’s exciting to be at the leading edge of a sector where the knowledge base is expanding constantly.  At LPW we invest strongly in research and development to remain at the forefront of that expansion, and we work hard to continuously improve the quality of the service and the products we offer our customers.

One area where we’re achieving just that is with our innovative PowderTrace hoppers, an integral component of LPW’s PowderLife. PowderLife is a total quality and powder handling system for powder throughout its life cycle. Minimising risk of contamination and imposing strict controls, adding confidence, reliability and traceability in metal powder production and repeated AM builds.

We recognise that bulk powder transport and storage is essential as serial AM production becomes a commercial reality, so we’ve applied our knowledge and experience to provide all the information needed to ensure validation and ongoing confidence in powder specification, leading to a more stable production process.

The PowderTrace concept is to monitor the conditions that the feedstock has been subjected to during transport and storage, enabling effective quality assurance from powder source to point of use.  The units monitor the status of powder being used on the AM machine and provide data throughout the powder life cycle, ensuring the user is aware of quality every step of the way.

We’ve just dispatched another of our pioneering stainless steel PowderTrace hoppers to one of our astute customers across the Atlantic, delivering that added confidence that the control and traceability of metal powder quality brings.  Today they are considered state-of-the-art metal powder hoppers, yet we see our ground-breaking smart-containers as the printer cartridges of the future: slotting seamlessly into the AM process, adding value for the end user.

PowderTrace can be used both to transport powders from the powder supplier to the manufacturing facility and also to store the powder in when not in use.  The QR coded units store up to 120 litres of powder, eradicating the need to have large volumes of smaller plastic containers and minimising manual handling which can result in metal powders being accidentally mixed, or mixing of the same powder from a different batch.

Fully sealed under an inert atmosphere and charged through tamper evident valves, the hoppers ensure that the powder stays dry and free from contaminants such as oxygen and nitrogen, which is critical as contamination could otherwise adversely affect the built parts.  The smart hoppers contain sensors that monitor the weight, humidity, temperature, pressure, and oxygen levels of the metal powder.  All data collected during transportation and storage can be uploaded into PowderSolve, LPW’s quality control software package which manages data from powders across multiple locations and multiple machines to give a clear overview of production status.

PowderTrace hoppers can be customised so that they can be effectively integrated into end users’ processes.  The ability to be fully informed about the condition of the feedstock being introduced into the AM process and to be in control of tracking and tracing which powders produced which parts offers LPW’s customers a real competitive edge.

Help LPW Technology win Europe’s Largest Business Competition

LPW Technology Ltd has been selected as one of the few UK companies to compete to become the UK’s ‘National Public Champion’ in this year’s European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition.

Voting has now opened, and we have until 1st March for people to go to http://bit.ly/2iZbfKD  and vote for us, ensuring that the UK is represented in Europe by a high-tech company in a progressive manufacturing industry. Every vote will count and as representatives of the metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry in this competition, we are asking all of our customers, business partners and industry colleagues to vote for us and share around your networks.

LPW is a dynamic organisation, expanding the knowledge base of the AM industry through our commitment to research and development.  We have enormous passion, vision and ambition for the future of the company and metal AM globally.  In 2016 we won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and we established offices in Germany and Italy.  Overseas sales have grown by over 300% during the last three years, for the last two years total revenue has grown at an average rate of 45% each year and 68% of our total sales were exported in 2016.

The European Business Awards were set up to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.  The public vote will see more than 350 National Champions from 34 countries competing against each other.  LPW is the only metal Additive Manufacturing/3D metal printing company shortlisted and will battle it out with other high flying UK companies.  On 6th March 2017, the company with the most votes in each country will be named ‘National Public Champion’.

The EBA gives us an opportunity to showcase the innovative work we are doing, and celebrate the achievements of our highly-qualified team.  We are asking everyone to visit http://bit.ly/2iZbfKD  and to cast your vote for LPW.  Thank you to everyone in advance for your support!