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Eliminate Risk with Vertical Integration From Powder to Part with Carpenter Additive

Carpenter Additive is a trusted medical contract manufacturer with end-to-end capabilities to accelerate product development and enable faster new device introduction into the market. Our additive and metallurgical experts partner with customers to identify the best material and production process for a variety of biomedical applications, including surgical instruments, medical devices, prosthetic, and reconstructive, spinal, and trauma orthopedics.

Powder Production
Our portfolio of materials meet the stringent composition, fabrication, and functional standards of biomedical equipment. With seven atomizers to produce standard and custom metal powders, we bring an in-depth understanding of the impact metal powder quality has on machine performance and part quality. We partner with customers to identify alloys and parameters tailored to application requirements with complete material traceability. 
Additive Manufacturing

From consultation on design optimization, parameter customization, and manufacturing efficiency, we're your partner to accelerate development and improve patient outcomes. Our team of additive experts have been in production for over 15 years and we operate both electron beam and laser powder bed fusion machines to offer customers tailored production solutions. 

Hot Isostatic Press

Save time and consolidate the supply chain with in-house HIP capabilities. With both R&D and production units, we decrease turnaround time by combining HIP and heat treatment in one operation. Our state-of-the-art rapid quench furnace, located at the Emerging Technology Center in Athens, Alabama, optimizes material quality by minimizing time at high temperatures and lowers cycle times through argon quenching.

Post Processing

Our highly flexible machine shop features a range of equipment to ensure customers are delivered a precise final product. After the printing and de-powdering process, our in-house capabilities include a vacuum heat treat furnace for stress relief, band-saw and EDM machines for part removal from the build plate, plus CNC lathes and five-axis mills for precision tolerance finishes.

Metrology Lab

Our metrology lab sits at the core of our quality assurance protocols with lab equipment to measure part geometries and compare against customer requirements, search for microscopic pores, and test the strength of additively manufactured material, ensuring we deliver what our customers ask for. Our quality lab includes high resolution and contactless microscopes, metallographs to measure grain size properties, a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to guarantee geometric tolerances are met, a CT Scanner for non-destructive material quality control and tensile testing to verify strength. 

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