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An Introduction to PowderLife ONLINE

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Managing the Full Powder Value Stream. Simply.

Barriers to additive manufacturing industrialization include powder quality and reusability, material handling, and inventory management. Today, these challenges around metal powder are managed through a plurality of systems for tracking inventory with individually populated spreadsheets and paper certificates. These various manual steps increase inefficiencies and offer neither a digital connection for automated traceability throughout the complete process chain nor output data for future predictive analytics.PowderLife ONLINE from Carpenter Additive aims to address these challenges through a simple to use, secure, cloud-based, digital platform that accommodates materials and machines from all vendors. Serving as the foundation to the AM process, PowderLife ONLINE is a single system designed to govern the entire AM process with the ability to capture the digital thread, and fulfil regulatory requirements to provide documentation for powder reuse, offering a single point of truth for traceability and inventory management throughout the entire lifecycle of the powder. This webinar content is focused on is providing a background as to why Carpenter Additive created the PowderLife ONLINE platform and also giving a demonstration of how the platform works by walking through a typical AM build scenario.​​
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About Carpenter Additive

Combining more than a hundred years of metallurgical leadership with unrivaled knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies, Carpenter Additive is committed to helping customers solve material and process challenges. Developing end-to-end solutions to add consistency, reduce risk, and continuously improve additive manufacturing production, Carpenter Additive offers high quality metal powder, a suite of solutions for material traceability, and contract manufacturing from powder to part.  

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Manage Risk, Enhance Safety and Optimize Economics with PowderLife

Carpenter Additive’s PowderLife was developed specifically with advanced AM users in mind looking to achieve a series of gains from their AM production program to drive sustainable improvements. The PowderLife solutions portfolio includes 

  • Material advisory services
  • Safe powder handling hardware for industry operators 
  • Mitigated powder exposure risk through smart bulk transportation
  • Data used to drive smart decisions during the AM process
  • Extended powder reuse quantified through data analytics
  • Material optimized to deliver maximum economics