PowderSolve puts real-time metal additive manufacturing intelligence at your fingertips. This powerful quality control software package manages data from metal powders across multiple locations and multiple machines, adding a complete audit trail and full traceability.

Developed exclusively for metal additive manufacturing, PowderSolve’s effective AM metal powder management is the key to minimising component failure and adding track and trace capability to your processes.

Cloud based PowderSolve securely manages your metal powder data to deliver a record of materials, environmental conditions, processes and builds. A software system so powerful it can identify which metal powder, process, machine – even operator – was responsible for each step of the build. Full traceability available at the click of a button.

Record powder condition through repeated builds and predict the life of your metal powder before it moves out of specification. Monitor sizing, chemistry, storage location, quantity, the number of times the metal powder has been used, and which other powder batches it has been blended with. Enjoy confidence that your powder is within your predefined specification, maximise your material use and reduce risk.

PowderSolve will record all incoming powder, in-process material and post build data. It produces certificates of conformance at each stage of your additive manufacturing process and records your built part mechanical test data.

With PowderSolve monitoring stock levels, and the option of automatically re-ordering material, you hold the optimum level of the correct metal powder at all times.

With all the information related to your metal powder and your AM builds in one easy-to-use system, dispense with the need for complex spreadsheets. PowderSolve is designed to fit in with your way of working, integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Quality Management Systems (QMS).

For more information about PowderSolve’s smart AM-focused technology, contact marketing@lpwtechnology.com

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