Applicable Specifications: AMS7018

PowderRange® AlSi10Mg is ideal for components requiring a combination of lightweight, complex geometries with good thermal properties. The combined silicon and magnesium for this alloy offers increased strength and hardness with the flexibility for the material to be spark-eroded, welded, micro shot-peened, polished, and coated if required.

Conventionally cast components are heat treated to improve the mechanical properties, for example using the T6 cycle of solution annealing, quenching, and age hardening. This can also be used after the additive build. PowderRange® AlSi10Mg has excellent weldability in laser additive manufacturing processes.

Type Analysis

  • AluminumBalance
  • Manganese0.45 %
  • Oxygen0.10 %
  • Lead0.05 %
  • Tin0.05 %
  • Silicon9.00–11.00 %
  • Magnesium0.20–0.45 %
  • Zinc0.10 %
  • Nickel0.05 %
  • Iron0.55 %
  • Titanium0.15 %
  • Copper0.05 %
  • Nitrogen0.05 %

Applicable Specifications & Form

  • AMS 7018




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