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Carpenter Additive provides advanced solutions and a trusted partnership to tackle your most vexing industry challenges

Additive Manufacturing Market Expertise

Adding value to every point in the AM process 

Carpenter Technology has over 130 years of metallurgical experience supporting mission-critical components in a range of industries. Carpenter Additive capitalizes on this history to provide an impressive range of high-quality metal powders and alloys developed specifically for industrial 3D printing processes. Our deep understanding of developing never-fail components in partnership with customers allows us to partner with customers to optimize their internal processes and expand their production at our manufacturing facilities.

Carpenter_Technology_Sustainable_Solutions_Medical Medical 

Carpenter Additive’s specialty alloys, stainless steels, and titanium materials have been trusted by the healthcare industry for decades. Whether 17-4 PH for medical instrumentation, Nitinol for shape memory properties in medical devices, or Grade 23+ Titanium for high-strength implants, Carpenter Additive has a portfolio of materials to accelerate product development that meet the extremely stringent composition, fabrication, and functional standards for biomedical equipment.


Aerospace & DefenseCarpenter_Technology_Sustainable_Solutions_Aerospace_2

We continue to make advancements in high-quality iron, nickel, cobalt, and titanium-based aerospace alloys to optimize additively manufactured parts. A trusted material supplier to the world’s foremost leaders in the aerospace market, Carpenter Additive aligns material solutions and production expertise with the current and future needs of commercial and defense aviation, manned aircraft, and unmanned systems.



Carpenter_Technology_Sustainable_Solutions_EnergyWhether wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance or high-temperature, Carpenter Additive’s experts can help identify the right material to optimize performance and move customers to production of highly functional components ready for end-use, all in-house.



The metallurgical experts at Carpenter Additive offer over 130 years of material expertise to understand an application’s unique requirements, developing solutions and support for customers in the industrial markets.





Carpenter Additive helps customers innovate the future of mobility to contribute to improvements in fuel efficiency, weight reduction, strength, and durability.





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