Lab Testing Services

Carpenter Additive’s industry-leading technicians are on hand to carry out a variety of metal powder tests. Add peace of mind to your AM processes with a full suite of professional powder lab testing services.


Chemical and Physical Metal Powder Analysis

Offering a range of chemical and physical metal powder analysis techniques across our world-class powder testing facilities, Carpenter Additive is skilled in interpreting powder data. All tests are conducted to ASTM as standard, with ISO available on request. PowderLab_18 DSC_2699

Full chemical analysis is available including residual elements and interstitials using various techniques as appropriate, undertaken in an ISO17025/Nadcap approved laboratory.
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen analysis by Inert Gas Fusion
  • Elemental analysis/contamination screening (EDX)
  • Chemistry- Full chemical analysis by ICP
  • Moisture analysis by Karl Fischer titration A range of physical testing services is also available.
  • Apparent/bulk density (measurement according to ASTM B212)
  • Tap density (ASTM B527)
  • Hall flow (ASTM B213) Carney flow (ASTM B964)
  • The angle of repose (Carpenter Additive standardized internal procedure)PowderFlowkitCA
  • A sieve analysis (ASTM B214) 
  • Particle size distribution by Laser Size Diffraction (ASTM B822)
  • Powder imaging (SEM)
  • Powder cross-section/porosity imaging (SEM)
  • Metallographic sample preparation & examination (SEM)
  • Rheometry and shear cell analysis
  • True density by helium gas pycnometer (ASTM B923)
  • Quantitative shape analysis (Optical & SEM)