UNS #K93120, K93130, K93160

PowderRange® M300 is an age hardenable martensitic tool steel with exceptional mechanical properties, specifically a high tensile strength and hardness. It is easily heat treated with superior mechanical properties being achieved after age hardening. The high carbon tool steels such as H13 or M2, which are typically used in tooling and molding applications, are very difficult to process by conventional Laser Powder Bed Fusion. PowderRange® M300 offers a comparable alternative in terms of mechanical properties, but with proven additive manufacturing suitability. PowderRange® M300 maintains strict control over residual alloying elements to optimize for additive manufacturing.

Type Analysis

  • IronBalance
  • Molybdenum4.50–5.20 %
  • Manganese0.15 %
  • Silicon 0.10 %
  • Sulfur0.010 %
  • Nickel17.0–19.0 %
  • Titanium0.80–1.20 %
  • Nitrogen0.10 %
  • Carbon0.030 %
  • Cobalt8.50–10.0 %
  • Chromium0.25 %
  • Oxygen0.10 %
  • Phosphorous0.010 %

Applicable Specifications & Form

  • DIN 1.2709




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