LPW Commences Plasma Spheroidisation of AM Metal Powders

03 Feb, 2016

LPW Technology are pleased to announce that their unique, world leading Plasma Spheroidisation equipment is now operational and producing higher quality Metal Powders for use in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Plasma Spheroidisation uses high energy plasma to produce cleaner, highly spherical and dense metallic powders with greater flowability, reducing down time on the machine and speeding up the manufacturing process.

We are already producing Tantalum, Tungsten, and Titanium alloys, including Ti-6Al-4V. In development are further Refractory Metals such as Mo and Nb, and ultra-clean Nickel Based Superalloys.

Mike Ford, LPW’s Sales Director, said the Plasma Spheroidisation equipment, which is the only one in the world used in Additive Manufacturing, has the potential to revolutionise the industry.

“We are hugely excited to have this next generation equipment on site for the benefit of our customers. LPW are constantly reacting to solve our customer’s problems and ensure that we have the right solution to keep them on track. Our Plasma Spheroidisation can produce the best Metal Powders on the market. They are more spherical and cleaner than those currently available.”

The most significant benefit of this novel technology is perfectly spherical powder with no satellites, which increases the flowability and packing density of the powder, especially on AM machines where finer powder is required.

In addition, levels of surface contamination, compared to conventional gas-atomised powders, are reduced. This has the potential to enhance mechanical properties in the finished AM component.

LPW are keen to exploit the added benefit which is the potential for the recycling of powders after several uses on an AM machine, perhaps where the oxygen content has increased and is no longer in specification. At our world leading laboratory, LPW will comprehensively test the received powder, blend multiple batches and re-size if necessary, before fully analyzing and certifying the powder after plasma spheroidisation. The cost savings on material re-usage can prove significant and cut manufacture costs down considerably. We are actively seeking beta-test customers with whom to trial this approach.

LPW’s highly experienced, award winning team have gained a reputation for excellence within the Additive Manufacturing industry. We have a proven track record of working successfully with blue chip companies within the Aerospace, Medical, Defense, Energy and Transportation Industry.

This unrivalled experience has enabled our team to gain a deep understanding of the powder requirements for the AM process which means we are uniquely qualified to use the Plasma Spheroidisation process to produce higher quality materials for use in industry.

For further information please email marketing@lpwtechnology.com.

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