LPW Technology continues to expand global operations within Asia-Pacific

22 Apr, 2015

LPW Technology has further expanded its global operation to a new partnership with 3D printing trading company Shanghai Dream Arising, China, which further bolsters LPW’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

LPW has eight global partnerships with official representatives currently, and this additional agreement in China allows LPW to build on existing business in one of the industry’s fastest growing markets.

LPW Commercial Director Phil Kilburn, recently appointed to the company’s management team to lead it into its next phase of geographic expansion and market development, remarked;

“Since our incorporation in the region, we plan to build upon the momentum of the positive growth. By working with a number of selected partners in China shows our commitment to our clients and our ability in localising our metal powder offers and services.”

LPW anticipate growth within the UK and existing Additive Manufacturing (AM) markets as high value sectors adopt the technology to produce production parts, but real expansion is expected through this network of official representation that offer service and support to a localised client base.

Kilburn added that LPW will achieve its global goals in the same way it has established itself as a leader in the UK;

“With a dedication to our core brand vision, to realise an intelligent reliable supply chain of certified powders for AM, LPW continue to develop our support network to our resellers to ensure they are trained effectively and are representing us in the way we would ourselves. Our aim is to trade on quality and customer service. We understand that the most successful model is one of partnership to allow us to adapt to a changing global market, where the ability to act and react quickly is crucial for long-term sustainability.”

Fei Shang, Managing Director of Shanghai Dream Arising added;

“We are pleased to confirm our agreement with LPW and fully believe in their vision, culture and outstanding metal powder products. LPW have a strong commitment to a partner strategy, ensuring that re-sellers are fully informed as to the technical specs of products as well as advising on process development, alloy development, and powder analysis that delivers unmatched value to customers. Without this type of partnership, new AM technologies would move far more slowly through the adoption cycle and would struggle to realise their business potential. We look forward to achieving customer successes by implementing LPW best practices of service and demonstrating the value that they can bring to our customers.”

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