LPW Technology introduce QR codes as new safety feature

19 May, 2014

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) have been added to all LPW Technology standard product labels, providing instant web access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

LPW prides itself in providing our customers with the highest level of service and support. By introducing this functional new safety feature when QR Codes are scanned using a web accessible smart phone, users can view, print or e-mail important safety documentation instantaneously.

LPW standard MSDS that conform to EU legislation are available in various local language versions to ensure world-wide safety, and by providing web access it is guaranteed to be the most up-to-date information available.

MSDS provide essential information for potentially numerous users. With unrestricted, readily available safety information through QR codes, LPW hope to assist customers in safely managing and maintaining legal conformity, and lower the risk to the implementation of the associated technologies.

LPW Director Phil Carroll explained how LPW look to add value to our customers by making MSDS as accessible as possible;

It is LPW’s goal that anyone handling LPW products should be fully aware of the potential risks involved and take appropriate safety measures before handling or working with the substances. With the benefit of providing access directly on the product label unlimited staff who need access to MSDS on a regular basis have instant access to the latest documentation at any time.

QR codes are easily scanned and processed typically by smartphone devices via free to download scanner applications. This allows physical items such as the LPW product bottles to become interactive, by providing an encoded link to an online MSDS database providing a fast and convenient additional safety measure.

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