LPW Technology introduces world-leading laboratory testing for all your metal powder analysis needs

04 May, 2016

LPW is proud to introduce its world leading laboratory which has the full capability to rapidly and accurately conduct all your metal powder analysis.

A comprehensive range of analysis techniques, for both powder and AM components is available to be carried out by our award winning team.

As Additive Manufacturing starts to be used in production environments, quality becomes ever more critical. The properties of the powder change during use, which can result in failed builds on an AM machine or even component failure in service which can prove catastrophic. At LPW we understand that quality control of the AM process starts with the metal powder.

These tests can either be provided in addition to LPW’s standard certification or on powder supplied to LPW by our customers, perhaps after several uses in an AM machine.

Results can be returned to you in as little as three days. Also, we don’t just do the tests - we understand what the results mean to your AM process. Our Applications Team will help you in the interpretation of the results and support your production requirements.

LPW Powder Testing Services include:

Chemical Analysis

  • Full chemical analysis including residual elements and interstitials (various techniques as appropriate) undertaken by ISO17025/Nadcap approved lab.
  • Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analysis by Inert Gas Fusion
  • Elemental Analysis/Contamination Screening (EDX).
  • Moisture Analysis by Loss on Drying (LOD) technique.

Physical Analysis

  • Apparent/Bulk Density (ASTM B212)
  • Tap Density (ASTM B527)
  • Hall Flow (ASTM B213)
  • Angle of Repose
  • Sieve Analysis (ASTM B214)
  • Particle size distribution by Laser Size Diffraction (ASTM B 822-02)
  • Powder Imaging (SEM).
  • Powder Cross Section/Porosity Imaging (SEM).
  • Metallographic sample preparation & examination (SEM).
  • Rheometry and Shear Cell Analysis.
  • True Density by Helium Gas Pycnometry (ASTM B923).
  • Quantitative Shape Analysis (Optical & SEM).

Tests can be undertaken to ISO standard

With our unrivalled knowledge and wealth of experience LPW have gained a reputation for excellence within the Additive Manufacturing industry. Our state of the art equipment enables us to fully characterise different materials and we have a proven track record of working successfully with blue chip companies within the Aerospace, Medical, Defence, Energy and Transportation Industries.

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