LPW Technology sign agreement with Xsecpro Pte Ltd for the supply of AM powders in South East Asia

01 Apr, 2015

As the adoption for additive manufacturing (AM) technology in South East Asia continues to grow rapidly, LPW Technology’s international relationships and collaboration within regional markets continue to strengthen by partnering with Xsecpro Pte Ltd for the supply of high quality AM powders in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Xsecpro Pte are well positioned in South East Asia’s high-tech capital Singapore, as a centre to support the development of future manufacturing technologies to grow the competitiveness of the region’s AM industry at international level.

With the market size of AM only projected to increase, South East Asia is still a market with huge opportunities for further growth led by applications particularly in the aerospace, transportation, and medical engineering industries. Although ambition for AM is evident and companies and government are investing in AM capabilities, to ensure economic manufacture and long term sustainability of the industry the need for capable metal powder products is increasingly important.

“The lack of materials and processing intelligence is a risk to viable mass industry adoption”, commented Phil Kilburn, Commercial Director of LPW Technology. “LPW have accumulated extensive experience working with industrial partners in quickly developing marketplaces to globalise the supply chain for optimised metal powders, and to be closer to our customers.”

Simon Lwee, Director of Xsecpro Pte Ltd added,

“Xsecpro Pte Ltd has many years of experience in the AM industry in providing AM machines, accessories, and support services to our customers in South East Asia. As additive manufacturing processes are embedded we have seen the demand for certified metal powder products surge as well. We are continually developing new capabilities so that customers can stay relevant and create higher-value industries. Working with LPW provides us with expertise in materials development and is a gateway to other services within AM. We are able to provide a one-stop solution to industries. We can link our customers to services such as analysis, development of new alloys, and expert application support.”

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