LPW’s new laboratory services datasheet focuses on Hall Flow testing

11 Jul, 2017

11 July 2017: Hall Flow testing is the latest laboratory service datasheet to be released by LPW Technology Ltd, the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders and end-to-end solutions for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.  Focusing on one of the primary tests for powder flow, ‘Hall Flow Testing for Metal Powders’ examines the reasons for conducting the test, and the methodology underpinning it.

“The ASTM B213 standard recommends that Hall Flow is the first test undertaken to check a metal powder’s flow,” says Lisa Holman, LPW’s Quality Engineer.  “Not only do we conduct this metal powder flow test in our state-or-the-art laboratory, we also include the equipment in the LPW PowderFlow kit, allowing Hall and Carney flow testing, apparent density test and angle of repose to be performed in the end-user’s own facility.”

In addition, LPW’s PowderLab offers a full suite of tests for enhanced characterisation of powders, fully optimised for specific applications; tests AM components in validation studies; and conducts root cause analysis of failed builds. 

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