New AM datasheet from LPW highlights angle of repose testing for metal powders

29 Sep, 2017

LPW has published its latest laboratory services datasheet.  ‘Angle of repose testing for metal powders’ describes when this test is appropriate and explains how it is conducted.

"The angle of repose measurement offers a cost-effective method of characterising the flow properties of powders which don’t readily flow through standard test funnels," says Lisa Holman, LPW's Quality Engineer.  "Not every metal powder needs to flow, and this test method can provide a comparison against the powder's historic performance and previous batches to confirm consistency."

LPW undertakes angle of repose measurement at its in-house laboratories, and to enable end-users to assess powder flow on their own premises, LPW has developed PowderFlow.  The PowderFlow kit contains a complete suite of powder flow measurement techniques, including angle of repose, apparent density, Hall Flow and Carney Flow testing to relevant ASTM standards.

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