LPW Technology to launch software product for the management of AM powders at RAPID 2015

23 Mar, 2015

LPW Technology, a market leader in the development and supply of metal powders for additive manufacturing (AM), will launch LPW POWDERSOLVE™, a revolutionary online software product that enables higher efficiency and better quality control in AM, to the US market at RAPID 2015.

LPW POWDERSOLVE™ is a secure, online, fully searchable powder characterization management system that handles all the analytical data required to assess the performance of AM metal powders. By automating the time intensive process of data collection and analysis it delivers reliable and efficient tracking of the changing properties of AM powders, from the virgin state through repeated use and blending. By efficiently ordering and presenting powder characterization data, LPW POWDERSOLVE™ allows users to verify that powders consistently meet performance specifications, to accurately detect contamination or degradation, and ensure sufficient powder is always available to meet production requirements. This information can be used to develop viable powder re-use strategies that reduce production costs, while at the same time safeguarding finished product quality.

Working with many of the leading companies within the aerospace, biomedical and transportation industries, LPW has long been unrivalled in its provision of optimized metal powders to the AM industry, and are now also applying their insight and expertise to this revolutionary online software.

John D Hunter, General Manager of LPW Technology Inc. said,

“With eight years of experience and a strong network of clients at the highest levels of industry, we understand that companies are looking for greater efficiency and understanding in powder specification as demands increase and powder re-use has become essential for the long term sustainability of the industry. Supplementing the quality certification provided with all LPW virgin powders, with the most accurate and objective performance information available, our ultimate aim is to help end users take the intelligence and effectiveness of their company’s powder lifecycle management to the next level.”

Objective, bespoke, and completely confidential, LPW POWDERSOLVE™ presents information through an interactive interface with a wide variety of detailed analysis and graphical data outputs. With full consideration given to confidentiality of data, access is via a secure website login which allows only designated members of an organization to view the comprehensive powder database.

Mr. Hunter concluded,

“This is a product set to change the nature of powder management in demanding production environments. We are committed to supporting the industry with objective performance information to reduce the reliance on subjectivity that has historically characterized the practice of powder re-use strategies. Providing valuable support as you shape your use of LPWPOWDERSOLVE™ around your specific needs, our aim is to make your experience of the product as direct and as relevant as possible.”

LPW Technology is a global supplier of certified AM powders and lead the way in characterizing and optimizing powders for specific machines or applications. The company has developed a full range of optimized powders specifically for Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) with standard powders supplied from stock, and custom and development alloys available on request. LPW Technology will be exhibiting LPW POWDERSOLVE™ at RAPID 2015 (Long Beach, California, 18-21 May); to discuss any aspect of AM metal powder performance with experts from the company visit booth #729.

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