'Porosity – Powder or process derived?’ is LPW’s latest AM case study

13 Jul, 2017

LPW Technology examines the sources and impact of porosity in metal AM with its latest case study, ‘Porosity – Powder or process derived?’.

“When porosity causes issues in a built part, it’s important to understand the root cause.  Porosity might originate from the metal powder or the AM process,” says Dr Rob Deffley, LPW’s Research & Development Manager.  “This case study explores the different types of porosity, how they are identified, and follows LPW’s experienced applications engineers as they analyse a stainless steel 17-4 PH AM component failure.  Identifying porosity as the source enabled the manufacturer to quickly resolve the issue.”

‘Porosity – Powder or process derived?’ is located in the LPW website technical library. 

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