PowderLife ONLINE - Managing the Full Powder Value Stream

01 Mar, 2021

Barriers to additive manufacturing industrialization include powder quality and reusability, material handling, and inventory management. Today, these challenges around metal powder are managed through a plurality of systems for tracking inventory with individually populated spreadsheets and paper certificates. These various manual steps increase inefficiencies and offer neither a digital connection for automated traceability throughout the complete process chain nor output data for future predictive analytics.

PowderLife ONLINE was developed to address these challenges through a simple to use, secure, cloud-based, digital platform that accommodates materials and machines from all vendors, allowing users to: 

  • Eliminate spreadsheets
  • Better manage inventory 
  • Capture the full lifecycle traceability of the powder 

The PowderLife ONLINE platform acts as the starting block for the digitization journey to integrate other Carpenter Additive digitally-enabled products and software modules such as IoT sensors, RFID, & automation to add further value and drive intelligent decision making, improving economics by taking away the 'best guess' for powder reuse limits and unlocking the potential for further data-driven continuous improvement activities, providing manufacturers with the assurance of the performance and quality of their additive parts together with the confidence of traceability to meet industry requirements.

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