Toolcraft uses optimised metal powders from LPW Technology for precision AM applications

09 Jul, 2014

Toolcraft, (Georgensgmund, Germany), a specialist manufacturer of high-end precision metal  parts and components, is turning to LPW Technology to source optimised, competitively priced powders for exacting additive manufacturing (AM) applications. Toolcraft manufactures micro-components of the highest dimensional accuracy to meet the demands of a wide range of industries including, biomedical, defence and motor sport. LPW Technology delivers application support and detailed analytical information alongside a wide range of metal powders, to support this work.

Christoph Hauck, Managing Director of Toolcraft, said,

“LPW are ahead of other suppliers in terms  of the way in which they analyse powders under the conditions needed to provide relevant data for AM. They also understand how to use these data to help us identify an optimised powder for a specific AM application.  LPW not only provide the powders best suited to our needs, but also ensure a secure supply, at an affordable price.”

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a highly efficient metal manufacturing technique. It involves ‘printing’, often intricate components, by building up powder layers, which are then melted or sintered together. The properties of the metal powders used directly impact the efficiency of AM processes and, crucially, the mechanical properties of the finished component.

Toolcraft delivers a comprehensive manufacturing service which includes 3D printing, wire cutting, machining and non-invasive quality assurance testing. Many of the company’s customers are in the medical technology and aerospace sectors, which require the use of certified materials. For applications in these industries, a secure supply of certified powders and the ability to produce components to extremely precise specifications are key.

“LPW is increasingly at the top of my list when it comes to sourcing powders for applications in regulated industries. I know I can rely on them to help me to fully meet customer requirements and provide the certified powders we frequently need for new AM applications,”

concludes Mr Hauck.

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