Total Powder Management - control the powder, control the process

12 Mar, 2016

LPW Technology is proud to launch its revolutionary Total Powder Management (TPM) concept, ensuring our customers get the best performance out of Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing.

TPM allows the user to have full control and total confidence in their Metal Powder through the entire Additive Manufacturing journey, resulting in optimum performance and minimum risk.

The seamless TPM process is made up of four simple stages.

It begins with the manufacture and supply of LPW's high quality virgin powder, optimised for every machine platform that an Additive Manufacturing user may need. LPW are a single source for gas or plasma atomised powders qualified for aerospace, defence, and medical applications.

LPW PowderFlow testing equipment allows the user to reliably and simply measure the flow of the powder at their facility. LPW PowderTrace hoppers store the powder between uses in a clean and controlled environment - powder weight, temperature, oxygen content, humidity within the container are measured and recorded.

LPW PowderSolve quality management software carefully monitors, controls and manages the traceability of Additive Manufacturing metal powder across multiple machines, operators, and alloys, even after repeated use within the Additive Manufacturing machine. Used powder may be returned to LPW for plasma processing to reduce levels of contamination and allow for further use by the customer.

Throughout all of the above LPW offers full lab testing services. Our labs have a full range of powder analysis equipment for measuring powder size, flow, shape, and chemistry. If required, we will also will offer advise on all results to help you understand their meaning.

"The common assumption in the industry is that powder is not critical to the Additive Manufacturing process," said Dr Phil Carroll, Managing Director of LPW.

"The belief has been that the powder doesn't degrade or change during use. Both assumptions are incorrect. Powder is the basis to success within Additive Manufacturing. No machine or process parameters is able to remove contamination within the powder. The solution is looking at the Additive Manufacturing process from the perspective of the powder. This is exactly what TPM does - it focuses on the powder at each stage of use. LPW provides more than just powders. LPW provide intellectually driven, proven, robust solutions."

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