Tracking the process in Metal 3D Printing at the TCT Show

24 Aug, 2016

SOFTWARE - The machine is dead, long live the code!

Dr Phil Carroll, Managing Director, LPW Technology Ltd. is presenting at the TCT Show in Birmingham at the end of September. Come along on 29 September to hear his thought provoking discussion in the field of metal 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, as the last several years have seen a proliferation of new machines, IPOs and acquisitions.

The AM machine is a clever box, but the reliability of the metal powder going into that box determines the quality of the part coming out. What is needed is to add process control – measure, record, analyse, improve. Software is the link between the powder and the machine and rather than follow the part from design through file prep, build, and post process, we will explore the AM process from the perspective of the powder. Tracking its journey from manufacture to use, to reuse, to reuse, to reuse. The only way of doing this is by adding knowledge to the process through intelligent data capture and analysis.

Come and take part at the TCT Tech Stage session on 29 September at 15:00

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