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Docking and Decanting Solutions for Metal AM

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Webinar: Powder Handling for the 21st Century

In AM manufacturing today, hundreds of tons of material is loaded into machines manually with plastic containers, exposing operators to powder, and giving rise to contamination, lengthy cycle times and inconsistencies in builds. This webinar covers docking and decanting solutions that enable significant operational efficiency benefits as well as providing safer working environments, reducing the risks of exposure and contamination whilst offering a scalable platform for future growth.

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Powder Handling Solutions

Automatic Hopper Docking

Currently, most metal powder is delivered into AM machines via plastic bottles, or small containers. Carpenter Additive’s automated docking station is a machine-independent solution to safely, accurately, and efficiently load and unload powder directly between the AM machine and bulk hoppers which contain greater than 120L of powder. This solution eliminates the need for operators to come into contact with open powder (and the associated safety hazard). Equally importantly, it drives up production efficiency by up to 80% due to faster loading and unloading, increasing saleable production capacity and reducing costs.

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