What we offer

Here at Carpenter Additive we offer an extensive range of metal powders for the AM industry adding quality, testing and traceability throughout the process. Our teams of applications engineers, R&D scientists, quality systems and accreditations support, develop and challenge the fast-growing metal 3D printing industry.


Carpenter Additive’s comprehensive range of off-the-shelf metal powders optimized for use on all AM machines


A unique AM powder lifecycle management system which strictly controls risk for manufacturers, adding confidence, reliability and traceability in metal powder production and repeated AM builds.

At Carpenter Additive we view AM from the perspective of the powder. We understand that to fully realize the desired mechanical properties of a built part, the materials you use must be optimized for AM, consistent and contamination-free. Contamination can have potentially catastrophic results so we understand the need for powder traceability.

Powerful PowderSolve software, pioneering PowderTrace hardware, smart PowderEye sensors and highly-trained PowderLab technical teams and applications engineers come together in PowderLife, reducing the potential for powder contamination and controlling risk. This complete suite of AM solutions manages every touchpoint in your AM process, ensuring complete traceability, yet is flexible enough to be tailored to your individual manufacturing needs.


Specialist AM powder hopper developed for the safe storage, transport, monitoring and control of metal powders for the AM industry – adding confidence that your metal powder is always to the specification you expect.


PowderEye is the smart sensor that wirelessly monitors key factors influencing AM metal powders, adding confidence that material remains within specification wherever it is in the build process, wherever it’s located in your production area.


An Additive Manufacturing quality control software package that manages data from powders across multiple locations and multiple machines giving a clear overview to your production status.


We offer world leading powder laboratories, staffed by skilled AM engineers, providing additional powder certification pre-build, data on powder condition post-build or component analysis.


A comprehensive, portable and easy-to-use selection of tests that quickly and accurately characterize your metal powder flow to determine whether your powder is changing during the AM process.