UNS #R56400, R56407

PowderRange® Ti64 (Titanium-6% Aluminum-4% Vanadium, Ti-6Al-4V) is a high-performance titanium alloy characterized by excellent mechanical properties with a low specific weight and good corrosion resistance. Grade 23 (known as ELI) has lower limits for interstitial elements and is considered the higher purity version. Grade 23 displays increased ductility and fracture toughness with a slight reduction in strength over Grade 5, due to the reduction in interstitials.

PowderRange® Ti64 complies to ASTM F3001. One manufacturing method for Ti-6Al-4V powder is plasma atomization, resulting in superior sphericity and low residual elements such as oxygen, but introduces the risk of high-density inclusions that are inherent to the plasma atomization process.

Certain gas atomization techniques such as EIGA, can also achieve comparable residual element levels with acceptable morphology for powder-bed additive machines. EIGA uses a method which is in a ceramic- and tungsten-free process which reduces the risk of high-density inclusions. PowderRange Ti64 can be processed with argon shielding gas.

Type Analysis

  • Aluminum5.50-6.50%
  • Carbon 0.08%
  • Hydrogen0.0125%
  • Iron0.25%
  • Nitrogen 0.03%
  • Oxygen0.13%
  • TitaniumBalance
  • Vanadium3.50-4.50%
  • Yttirum0.005%

Applicable Specifications & Form

  • ASTM F3001




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