UNS #N06002

PowderRange® X is a solid solution strengthened nickelchromium-iron base superalloy. It is not considered precipitation hardenable and achieves optimum material properties through solution treatments. It possesses high strength at room and elevated temperatures, and exceptional oxidation and stress corrosion cracking resistance. PowderRange® X displays significantly reduced crack susceptibility compared to the nominal alloy X composition. Its low carbon content and additional solid solution strengthening maximizes its compatibility with laser additive manufacturing processing. Although solution treatment is required for optimum high temperature performance, as-processed PowderRange® X displays mechanical properties equivalent to wrought material at both room and elevated temperatures.

Type Analysis
  • NickelBalance
  • Molybdenum8.0–10.0 %
  • Aluminum0.50 %
  • Silicon0.20 %
  • Oxygen0.10 %
  • Sulfur0.030 %
  • Chromium20.5–23.0 %
  • Cobalt1.00–2.50%
  • Copper0.50 %
  • Titanium0.150 %
  • Phosphorus0.040 %
  • Boron0.010 %
  • Iron17.0–20.0 %
  • Tungsten0.20–1.00 %
  • Manganese0.50 %
  • Carbon0.10 %
  • Nitrogen0.030 %
  • Hydrogen0.005 %

Applicable Specifications & Form

  • AMS7008




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