Industry 4.0-ready and an integral component of the smart metal additive manufacturing factory, PowderEye collates real-time, manufacturing environment data to inform critical business decisions. Early notice of when powder is moving out of specification and is ready to be recycled is available with PowderEye, allowing you to maximise material usage.

The PowderEye sensor system offers a comprehensive update of metal powder status, monitoring your transport, storage and handling environments and giving you assurance that your powder is within specification and ready to use.

This smart sensor monitors the key factors influencing metal powder performance in AM – temperature, oxygen and moisture content, and pressure of powder environment – alerting you to any variations that could affect the quality of your AM build.

The compact PowderEye sensor can be retrofitted to any powder handling or storage equipment anywhere in the additive manufacturing process. It connects to sieves and blenders, and even monitors the production area itself. PowderEye collects continuous data wherever the powder’s location, enabling you to optimise your AM production process.

The encrypted data can be securely transmitted to Carpenter Additive’s cloud based PowderSolve software system, and provides an audit trail that adds intelligence and traceability to your AM built component and supply chain.

For more information about how PowderEye supports AM production, contact marketing@lpwtechnology.com

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