PowderFlow is an easy-to-use suite of recognised techniques for your laboratory or production environment.

This comprehensive, portable selection of tests gives you the ability to quickly and accurately characterise your metal powder flow to determine whether your powder is changing during the AM process.  Reliable data on powder condition allows you to keep your production stable.

If flow problems are detected the root cause can be quickly addressed, avoiding lengthy and costly delays or failed builds.

Stored in a robust, metal-free case, the kit contains the apparatus to test:

  • Hall Flow – ASTM B213, ISO 4490
  • Carney Flow – ASTM B964
  • Apparent Density – ASTM B212, ISO 3923-1
  • Angle of Repose – Carpenter Additive standardised internal procedure

PowderFlow data can be uploaded to PowderSolve, adding to the traceability and lifecycle history of your materials.

For more information about how PowderFlow helps you optimise consistency in your AM components, contact marketing@lpwtechnology.com  Download the PowderLife brochure here