From a single metal powder test, to new alloy development, through to test builds on our in-house AM machine, Carpenter Additive’s highly experienced AM engineers and technicians are available to add value to your additive manufacturing processes with a full suite of professional services.

AM Consultancy and metal powder analysis

Carpenter Additive’s impressive team of academic and industrial metallurgists and applications engineers have access to our purpose-designed, in-house powder analysis and AM laboratories to help you deliver successful AM advances. Whether you are looking for material development, process parameter optimisation, testing build viability, root cause analysis investigations or ongoing metal powder analysis contact Carpenter Additive to find out more about our metal AM consultancy and powder testing services.

Powder AM Laboratory

Using our in-house AM machines to undertake process parameter development, metal powder degradation studies and AM feasibility testing, we also test metal additive manufacturing components in validation studies and undertake root cause analysis of failed builds.

New Material Development

Carpenter Additive’s AM consultancy team has the metallurgy expertise to offer design and development of new metal alloys, atomised in-house, with test builds on our own AM machines and the testing of built components.  We offer individually tailored, complete project delivery with full support and communication.

Powder Analysis Laboratory

Our specialists offer a comprehensive range of chemical and physical metal powder analysis techniques in both the UK and USA and are skilled in interpreting just what the data means to your AM process.

All our tests are conducted to ASTM as standard where relevant, with ISO available on request, adding consistency and confidence to your process.

Analytical Techniques

Full chemical analysis is available including residual elements and interstitials using various techniques as appropriate, undertaken by ISO17025/Nadcap approved lab:

  • Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen analysis by Inert Gas Fusion
  • Elemental analysis/contamination screening (EDX)
  • Chemistry- Full chemical analysis by ICP
  • Moisture analysis by Karl Fischer titration

A range of physical is available, including:

  • Apparent/bulk density (measurement according to ASTM B212)
  • Tap density (ASTM B527)
  • Hall flow (ASTM B213) Carney flow (ASTM B964)
  • Angle of repose (Carpenter Additive standardised internal procedure)
  • Sieve analysis (ASTM B214)
  • Particle size distribution by Laser Size Diffraction (ASTM B822)
  • Powder imaging (SEM)
  • Powder cross-section/porosity imaging (SEM)
  • Metallographic sample preparation & examination (SEM)
  • Rheometry and shear cell analysis
  • True density by helium gas pycnometry (ASTM B923)
  • Quantitative shape analysis (Optical & SEM)

For more information about how PowderLab adds assurance to your metal powders and AM processes through testing and consultancy services, contact marketing@lpwtechnology.com.

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