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Carpenter Additive provides the quality, traceability and expertise required for AM.

Manage Risk, Enhance Safety and Optimize Economics with PowderLife

Driving innovative partner-focused solutions, Carpenter Additive work in partnership with customers, offering powder management and handling solutions specifically tailored to individual AM processes and facilities. 

The PowderLife development program creates solutions that overcome the current barriers to AM such as; integration, data, contamination, quality, reuse, traceability, powder handling and material development. 

Creating a future where...

  • Powder is safe to handle for all operators in the AM industry
  • Risk caused by powder exposure is mitigated through smart bulk transportation
  • Data can be used to drive smart decisions during the AM process
  • Extended reuse of powder can be quantified through data analytics
  • Material can be optimized to deliver maximum economics

Add Confidence, Reliability and Traceability
to the AM Value Chain

The Hopper

The Hopper

Carpenter Additive hoppers are the smart solution to the bulk transportation and storage challenges of metal powders for AM. These ergonomic stainless-steel hoppers enable the safe transportation of large amounts of powder, minimizing the risk of material contamination and enabling customers to concentrate on producing parts with reliability and peace of mind. Providing a closed-loop solution, from point of atomization to the loading of the AM machine. 

Purpose-designed exclusively for AM metal powders, Carpenter Additive hoppers have a material capacity of up to 850 kg. The hoppers are designed to allow powder to be transported under inert conditions, ensuring the materials stay free from gaseous contaminants such as oxygen and nitrogen and other foreign bodies – critical, as contamination can lead to failed builds and can affect the final mechanical properties of built parts.

Hoppers are designed and clearly labelled to be alloy specific with the option of a unique QR code to link to the optional PowderSolve software, to monitor and control traceability and manage inventory. 

A complimentary range of Carpenter Additive's products and adaptors allow for the hopper to be seamlessly integrated into your AM value chain. 

As the world becomes more environmentally conscientious, it's important to reflect, how conscientious is your business?

Typically, in the AM industry, powder is received in plastic containers, resulting in approximately 17kg of plastic waste for 450kg of  powder in an AM build. Carpenter Additive can support businesses on their journey to improve the environment with the environmentally friendly, bulk transportation solution. The hopper is reusable, recyclable and easy to clean.



PowderSolve puts real-time metal additive manufacturing intelligence at your fingertips. This powerful quality control software platform manages data from metal powders across multiple locations and multiple machines, adding a complete audit trail and full traceability to AM operations.

Developed exclusively for metal AM, PowderSolve’s effective powder management software is key to managing inventory, product recall and traceability. 

The secure, cloud-based platform manages metal powder data to deliver a record of materials, environmental conditions, processes, and builds. The system is powerful enough to identify which metal powder, process, machine – even operator – is responsible for each step of a build.

PowderSolve will record all incoming powder, in-process material, and post-build data. It produces certificates of conformance at each stage of your additive manufacturing process and records your built part mechanical test data. 

With PowderSolve monitoring stock levels and the option of automatically re-ordering material, you hold the optimum level of the correct metal powder at all times. With all the information related to your metal powder and your, AM builds in one easy-to-use system, dispense with the need for complex spreadsheets.

PowderSolve is designed to fit in with your way of working, integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Quality Management Systems (QMS). 

With the ability to record powder condition through repeated builds and predict the life of metal powder before it moves out of specification, the software brings unparalleled insight into AM operations. Monitor sizing, chemistry, storage location, quantity, the number of times the metal powder has been used, and which other powder batches it has been blended with. Enjoy the confidence that your powder is within your predefined specification, maximize your material use and reduce risk.

Lab Testing Services

Lab Testing Services

Carpenter Additive’s industry-leading technicians are on hand to carry out a variety of metal powder tests. Add peace of mind to your AM processes with a full suite of professional powder lab testing services. Offering a range of chemical and physical metal powder analysis techniques across our world-class powder testing facilities, Carpenter Additive is skilled in interpreting powder data. All tests are conducted to ASTM as standard, with ISO available on request.

Full chemical analysis is available including residual elements and interstitials using various techniques as appropriate, undertaken in an ISO17025/Nadcap approved laboratory.

  • Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen analysis by Inert Gas Fusion
  • Elemental analysis/contamination screening (EDX)
  • Chemistry- Full chemical analysis by ICP
  • Moisture analysis by Karl Fischer titration
    A range of physical testing services is also available.
  • Apparent/bulk density (measurement according to ASTM B212)
  • Tap density (ASTM B527)
  • Hall flow (ASTM B213) Carney flow (ASTM B964)
  • The angle of repose (Carpenter Additive standardized internal procedure)
  • A sieve analysis (ASTM B214)
  • Particle size distribution by Laser Size Diffraction (ASTM B822)
  • Powder imaging (SEM)
  • Powder cross-section/porosity imaging (SEM)
  • Metallographic sample preparation & examination (SEM)
  • Rheometry and shear cell analysis
  • True density by helium gas pycnometer (ASTM B923)
  • Quantitative shape analysis (Optical & SEM)



PowderFlow enables the user to understand their powders and processes further through the measurement of flow of powder. The results enable the end user to determine if their powder will spread effectively throughout the build process in the AM machine.

A portable kit, PowderFlow enables the user to check powder flowability wherever and whenever it’s required. Gain a deeper understanding of powder and be confident in the quality of final build parts.




Industry 4.0-ready and an integral component of the smart metal additive manufacturing factory, PowderEye collates real-time, manufacturing environment data to inform critical business decisions.

The PowderEye sensor works in harmony with the hopper to monitor temperature, oxygen, pressure and humidity. Helping users to understand and monitor any breaches during transportation. Through the optional PowderSolve, users can understand when the powder has acclimatized to your facility environment- monitoring powder so you don't have to. 


Metal Powder Designed to Deliver Precisely the Mechanical Properties of the Application

Not every project is standard. Beyond our PowderRange in-stock offerings, we can size powders and produce materials to meet individual specifications. From a single metal powder test to new alloy development, our experts design and develop novel metal alloys, atomized in-house, in partnership with you.

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