PowderLife – Products and end-to-end solutions to support Additive Manufacturing in production. This unique AM metal powder lifecycle management system strictly controls risk for manufacturers, adding confidence, reliability and traceability in metal powder production and repeated AM builds.

PowderTrace simplifies your metal powder management

Safely transport and store up to 450 kg of metal powder under controlled conditions in Carpenter Additive’s stainless-steel hopper.  Minimise manual handling, reduce opportunities for contamination, and easily customise your unit to dispense into any AM machine.

PowderEye adds assurance in metal powder condition

Know immediately if your metal powder condition will compromise your build quality with the PowderEye smart sensor. Monitor your additive manufacturing processing environment and measure the presence of key factors in metal powder contamination. PowderTrace hoppers, sieves, blenders, even your AM production area, are all analysed to give you real-time control of production quality.

PowderSolve software system streamlines your metal powder data

Know at-a-glance which metal powder is responsible for which build, where, and when.  Full traceability is available at the click of a button, simplifying metal powder data management and dispensing with complex spreadsheets. Track and trace your powder from supplier to build.

PowderLab expertise gives you Additive Manufacturing intelligence

Fully understand what your powder condition means to your AM process using the range of physical and chemical tests, consultancy services and data interpretation our AM focused laboratories offer.  Let our applications engineers undertake your test builds on our in-house AM machines, and develop new materials tailored to your applications

PowderFlow adds insight to your powder and processes

Measuring the flowability of a powder can quickly enable you to determine if your powder will spread effectively throughout the build process in your AM machine. PowderFlow gives you the ability to check your powder wherever and whenever you need to.