PowderTrace is the smart solution to the bulk transportation and storage of metal powders for additive manufacturing. These ergonomic stainless-steel hoppers control your powder environment, reduce material contamination and enable you to concentrate on producing parts with reliability and repeatability.

Purpose-designed exclusively for additive manufacturing metal powders, PowderTrace hoppers have a capacity of up to 450 kg of powder, minimising the manual handling which can result in metal powders being accidentally mixed between types or batches.

PowderTrace units are fully sealed under an inert atmosphere, ensuring the powder stays dry and free from gaseous contaminants such as oxygen and nitrogen – critical, as contamination can lead to failed builds and can affect the final mechanical properties of built parts.

A comprehensive range of connectors and adaptors enables PowderTrace to connect with all AM machine types. Stands are available to allow metal powder to be dispensed directly into your machine.

Each hopper is material specific to avoid cross-contamination, and individually QR coded and clearly labelled for both traceability and stock control.

The smart hoppers are fitted with PowderEye sensors that monitor and record the weight, humidity, temperature, pressure and oxygen levels of the metal powder environment, putting you in control of material quality and the quantity available for AM builds.

All data collected can be uploaded into PowderSolve, Carpenter Additive’s powerful AM quality control software system, to create full powder lifecycle traceability.

To find out more about how PowderTrace puts you in control of your AM metal powder, contact sales@lpwtechnology.com.

Download the PowderLife brochure here.