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Carpenter Technology's Gaurav Lalwani, sits down with Chuck Hansford  from Tecomet


PowderHeads Archive 

Episode 13 

Carpenter Technology's, Gaurav Lalwani, Medical Applications Engineer, and Brent Marini, Medical Strategic Business Developer, sit down with Chip Tomonto, Engineering Fellow at Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company. In this episode, we take a deep dive into AM topics for the medical market, exploring how additive manufacturing is positively impacting patient outcomes.

Episode 12 

Carpenter Additive's Nick Weeks, sits down with Mike Adams, CEO of HiETA Technologies, a product development and production company specialised in the use of Additive Manufacturing. A serial entrepreneur with experience in the implementation of automated systems and change management, Mike covers how he started out in AM, his ‘mad inventor’ colleagues, cool additive applications, and collaboration and innovation with motorsport teams.

Episode 11

Nick Weeks, Plant Manager at Carpenter Additive, UK, is joined by Kate Black, Chief Technology Officer at Meta Additive, an additive company looking to revolutionise additive manufacturing whilst protecting our planet’s future. Tune in as we delve into Kate's roots in the industry, cover Meta's novel chemical approach to 3D printing, and discuss innovative AM in higher education at University of Liverpool. 

Episode 10

Robert Acton, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Carpenter Additive, sits down with Jeph Ruppert, Director of the Applications Innovation Group at 3D Systems, a global AM solutions company. Tune in as we delve into Jeph's additive journey which started with him wanting to do something cool and innovative, and led to the unique additive solutions that he works on today.

Episode 9 

Listen in as Ben Ferrar, VP and General Manager at Carpenter Additive, is joined by Jason Jones from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies to discuss all things additive. This episode covers a range of topics, from Jason's additive journey starting in the UK, to printing with polymer and metal, and the use of gaming technologies in additive manufacturing. 

Episode 8 

Listen in as William Herbert, Carpenter Technology's Director of Technology and R&D, sits down with Byron Kennedy, CEO and Founder at SPEE3D, for an interesting discussion that ranges from solar car racing and electric vehicles, to facing the challenge of making metal parts, and covering the exciting future of additive technologies.

Episode 7

Join Will Herbert as he sits down with Peter Adams from Burloak Technologies, a global leader in world-class design for additive, additive manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing services. In this episode, we talk about why we need better different methods of additive manufacturing, how competition forces improvement, and the evolution of additive technology over the past 20 years.

Episode 6

Tune in as we sit down with Dan Brunermer, Technical Fellow at ExOne, a global leader in industrial 3D printing systems using binder jetting technology to talk competition, education, and the evolution of additive over the past 20 years.

Episode 5

This month, we sit down with Kristin Mulherin, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at VELO3D and Board Member of Women in 3D Printing. Tune in as we discuss the additive community spirit, visibility during the pandemic and 3D printing happy hours. 

Episode 4

The foundation of the industry is there to scale, but are excel spreadsheets and closed data loops holding back the digital manufacturing revolution? Join us to hear the founder of Link3D, Shane Fox, talk about the challenges in achieving predictive manufacturing to help humans make better decisions with smarter technology and how forward-thinking leaders push collaboration to advance the entire industry.

Episode 3

Join us as we sit down with Peter Zelinksi and Stephanie Hendrixson, hosts of the Cool Parts Show, a video series that focuses on different cool 3D printed parts with Additive Manufacturing Media. On this months' episode of PowderHeads, Pete and Stephanie speak about the growth of interest surrounding the show, the fun they've had making it and where it's all going in the future.

Episode 2

In this episode we sit down with Carl Dekker, CEO of Met-L-Flo., a contract manufacturing organization. Carl has an extensive history in additive and also serves as the President of AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group). We cover how Carl got into AM and discuss his perspective into 3D printing business models.

Episode 1

Join us for a sit down with our very own, Ben Ferrar, Vice President and General Manager Carpenter Additive. In this episode we recap the early days of AM, the future of additive and how to get started in the industry. 



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