LPW Technology previews new products for the transport and management of AM powders at EuroMold 2014

11 Nov, 2014

LPW Technology, a market leader in the development and supply of metal powders for additive manufacturing (AM), will introduce two new products that enable higher efficiency and better quality control (QC) in AM at EuroMold 2014. EuroMold 2014 takes place at the Frankfurt/Main exhibition centre on 25-28 November.

“As the application of AM grows it is becoming increasingly important to build high levels of QC into the evolving supply chain, especially for industries working to certification standards,” said Dr Phil Carroll, Managing Director of LPW. “Powder re-use is also a critical issue. LPWPOWDERSOLVE™ allows customers to manage and analyse the data needed to ensure that a powder, new or re-used, will deliver specified performance. LPW POWDERTRACE supports the development of efficient protocols for transport and storage to maintain a powder in optimal condition. Both tools aid industry efforts towards new levels of QC and efficiency.”

LPW POWDERSOLVE™ is a secure, online, fully searchable powder characterisation management system that handles all the analytical data required to assess the performance of AM metal powders. By automating the time intensive process of data collection and analysis it delivers reliable and efficient tracking of the changing properties of AM powders, from the virgin state through repeated use and blending. This information can be used to develop viable powder re-use strategies that reduce production costs, while at the same time safeguarding finished product quality.

LPW POWDERTRACE is a large volume, smart storage container for the transport of AM metal powders. Incorporating sensors that monitor humidity, temperature, pressure, vibration/impact and oxygen levels it provides detailed information on the conditions that the powder has been subjected to during transport, and in storage. This enables effective quality assurance from powder source to point of use, and the bulk scale of LPWPOWDERTRACE eliminates the potential for variability associated with the use of smaller supply batches.

Visit LPW in Hall 11.0 on booth B28 to view both products and discover the potential benefits.

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